WTF is occurring?

When viewing the state of affairs within our great country, do not allow a media outlet, who have agendas to form your views. Liberals and conservatives adore MSNBC and Fox News respectively. Reviewing the library of congress website by checking records of politicians is where you can begin. Become involved by educating yourself on issues […]

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Shun Divisiveness

Opinion Based: The countries I have visited are Kuwait, Iraq and Canada (minimal time in Germany on a hospital bed). This is not many but I feel I have a worldly view. I have taken the initiative to interact with many cultures and not just learn but embrace their norms. I feel all human beings […]

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Something to talk about.

Never be afraid to communicate. Easier said than done, yes I know. I have fallen victim to the opposite approach. Communication is paramount to problem solving. Even though there are arguments how the hell do you think the U.S. Congress is able to get anything done? Through communication, hahaha. Treaties with foreign entities, why did […]

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Global Connection

Greetings to all. My name is Michael Nino and I am the creator of this format you have so bravely decided to engage in…laugh…ok…NO? Hopefully you can give an ounce of care, I am a native of San Antonio, Texas, Marine Combat Veteran, father and husband, among many other titles. Our ever evolving world is […]

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